Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crazy stuff you can do....

VBS is coming, what can you do?

1) Pray. No one knows what the needs are in each heart that here's our Message, pray that we'll be clear in teaching God's Truth
2) Pray more.
3) Volunteer. Think you gotta do a bunch? Well, honestly, we have made it easy! You can be a guide through VBS and it ain't that hard. We have teams mostly in place that teach, sing, play games, etc. But we need Crew Leaders! Crew Leaders have the easiest job, and it's the most rewarding! In fact, building those relationships is key to the success of VBS.
4) Find some crazy stuff to donate or let us borrow. Our theme is PowerLab (see previous post). It's a sciencey fun time. I'm looking for leads on some really odd stuff:

A large Freestanding Blackboard
Rope Lights
Old looking Computer Equipment
Science Equipment (like from a science lab)
Lab Coats, Goggles, etc
Dry Ice (ooo and liquid nitrogen while you're at it)

There's bunches we can do to make the place LOOK fun, but what makes the place REALLY feel fun is volunteers who are ready to just have a great time getting to know kids. Sign up in the welcome center... and if you have any of the crazy stuff above, come see me.

Chris <><

Monday, February 4, 2008

Big stuff on the radar...


It's February. In January we had warmth, snow, snow, normal winter, COLD, and rain (Thank you for the rain Lord, please send more). My wife can't believe I'm already thinking about Vacation Bible School... but I am!! Not just because the theme is so "me" (and it so is). But it's also such a focus week on our kids. It's a whole buncha fun too.

Our Theme?
June 9 - 13, 2008
6:00 PM - 8:45 PM.

It's going to be an awesome time of faith building fantastical fun. This year it comes with a bonus! On Friday the 13th (oh my!) of Powerlab, we'll have a guest scientist in giving us a Science and Fun show! Ben Roy from Chattanooga will be on stage at our lab! Check him out at his website.

You can sign up to help in the Children's Welcome Center. It's gonna be a fizzy, funny, sciency, superfun, slimey, gooey, good time!

Camp for 3 - 6th graders
June 23 - 27

Don't miss the information meeting at 4:00 PM February 10th in the Children's Building! Camp is coming soon! Don't miss it!!!