Saturday, June 30, 2007

I will have all the photographs available online by this Monday afternoon--assuming that our internet is functional at work. (We took a direct hit of lightning over the weekend and I know that we lost some computer equipment and phone system.) Anyways... Here we are on Friday morning. I slept in until 9:00AM this morning and it was WONDERFUL. ...I do miss camp, the kids, and the leaders. But at least I'm not milking cows, throwing up on an airplane, or getting hit in the gut on the football field. (Ask your kid, they'll explain it.) See y'all around! --Ted

Ok, something is missing....

Huh... no getting boys out of bed... no walk through muggy morning air to breakfast... no orange puppets... no chocolate milk... no eggs and bacon and grits and hashbrowns and biscuits and GRAVY!!... no quiet time in the garden... no OMC.

Must mean I'm not at camp.

Just reflecting on the week and how awesome they kids were. Just remembering how God spoke to them and helped them. How they learned so many truths in so many ways. How I learned how much I love God and how much I love his kids. Oh and I think Tater is the bomb.

See you guys Sunday. (I came to get Jake, Mel went to Matt's wedding. Jake said "DADDY! where mommy?" I got big hugs from my buddy)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pizza... i always forget...

Ok so I woke up the last day at camp at 5:00 AM. Why? Pizza at 10:00 PM. I get stupid when I see a pizza. By 7:30 we should be all packed up, yeah right. I feel like I'm back at college with a big exam coming up. Except this exam involves packing a cargo van, transporting 30+ people safely across the state, feeding them lunch, and then getting those rentals back.

It's been such an honor to hang out with these kids. They've learned so much this week. They've learned that God has plans for them. It's his declaration. Plans for their good and not their harm. He's given them a future and a hope. (Jer. 29:11) They've run a lap of their race this week. They're on the right track if they truly listened to their crew chiefs.

Parents, instead of just asking, "How was camp?" ask "What did God do in your life at camp?" I know that's out of your comfort zone sometimes. They'll tell you silly stories about Bucky and Coop and OMC and syrup and penguins and orange puppets (that's my fault) and ice cream and all that silly stuff along and along... that fun stuff sticks in the brain like TV jingles. And that's fine. The God stuff, what God planted in their life, it needs water and attention. God planted some great seeds: missions, call, purpose, forgiveness, faith, hope, future... Don't forget Pit Crew Parents, you gotta keep those racers focused.

See you all soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I can't wait....

I can't wait to praise Your name. Ted mentioned that is the morning wake up song. We like it. Here's some more I can't waits:

I can't wait to see my son...
I can't wait to see my bed...
I can't wait to see kids share their faith...
I can't wait to see what happens Sunday night...
I can't wait to see the changes God has brought in these kid's lives...
I can't wait to see my son...
I can't wait to see my bed...
I can't wait to see Floyd County...
I can't wait to camp next summer...
I can't wait to WHOA!!! it's POURING outside. Ain't God amazing.

ok... where was I?

I can't wait, to see your faces tomorrow. Goodnight from Centrikid 2007.

This is Ted... As Chris mentioned: today was OMC. I pulled the official photographer aside to make this photo of us so that there was proof that I actually do exist!! Here we are, the CREW CHIEFS in our glorious war paint. It was great that the adults got to participate in OMC also. Like yesterday, I only have time to upload just a few photographs. I will have all the images available soon, so be sure to check back--some of the best pictures have not been uploaded yet!

I have to go get my stuff packed. Tomorrow is going to be even more insanely early than this week has been. I also have to help get the kids packed. There's a lot of noise out in the hallway and I'm not sure how much packing is happening... but I also hear some of the boys singing one of the praise songs, "But I can't wait, to praise His name! I can't wait, to celebrate!"

This camp program can be summarized in two words: Content. Delivery.

Ok so I'm not Ted... but here's some random pics...

Here's some pics from Quiet Time and other places during the week.

The cool little creek bridge.

Quiet time in the garden.

Good QT on the rock.

The rocks rock learning about the ROCK.

more later... it's supper time.

mmm lasagna. and more pics.

Ted: cool guy.

Runs in the family I guess...

At camp... they spend a week with Geeks like Ted, Jody and me. We do our best to turn them into nerds.

Tonight is the final night of worship. Pray the Gospel touches hearts tonight. Wouldn't God get praise if one of our kids said "I want to serve God full time" tonight at worship? Does that get you parents out of your comfort zone?

Organized Mass Chaos... not the camp, but the best game here.

OMC is the most awesome game ever. I so mean it. There has never been a greater game than OMC. Have I mentioned I LOVE OMC? Kids get messy, get silly, get wet, get... wait... ADULTS get messy, get silly, get wet, get slimy get... ok ALL OF US ARE A MESS. Ted's pictures will reflect that soon. Man it's bunches of fun.

Last night the kids played a game that taught them about Third World countries, missionaries, and missions. Amazing that kids can have fun AND learn at the same time. In the game Claire and Tater were natural disasters (yeah, not much of a stretch). It's a game we'll play on a future game day.

Be sure to be at Church Sunday night. We'll give a program about camp. MAYBE we can get one up to give a testimony... if not we have them on tape. I'd like a parent to give a testimony on how camp has changed their kid's lives. Volunteers just need to e-mail me.

It's hard to believe we'll be close to home this time tomorrow. We'll be leaving about 10:30 or 11. Stopping for lunch around noon and hitting Rome about 2:30. Pray for us traveling, pray for our Student Ministry on mission, and pray for our Ukraine Mission Team.

I just showered the shaving cream, maple syrup, toothpaste, face paint and grass stains off. I'll not be wearing that shirt again. And, I was one of the lucky ones. OMC! It's the way to be.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is Ted. I did not come anywhere close to getting all the photographs from today batched, processed, cropped, color adjusted, imported into flash player, uploaded via FTP, update the website link, password protect the original subfolder, and finally check everything. Geeks out there know what I'm talking about. For non-geeks, just understand that they ain't ready yet! ( - :

So, I've decided to hand pick a few to upload to the blog.... 207 more photographs from today will be available soon.

We started with a healthy breakfast...
Then did a little quite time...

Then we had a small break before the first morning 'big group' meeting...

After bible study, recreation, lunch, and afternoon track times, the girls went back to the dorms to get cleaned up for dinner/evening activities.

After the evening service, we did our lesson with the church group...

And later that evening, it was time to get some caffeine and pizza...
And, as caffeine does give you that boost of energy, it also only lasts for so long. It's 11:30PM now, and I'm looking at the bed and it 'sho looks like a comfortable place to be right now so Good Night! Thanks to y'all for the comments feedback!

Can I bring your kids back next week?

The kiddos are awesome. Today they learned about their Crew Chief: God, their Pit Crew: Parents, and their fans (Christian friends)... ok so I made that stuff up for them... but I thought it a cool analogy. But, you parents ARE their Pit Crew. How much advice are you giving them? Are you gearing them up for the Race? Is that Race a rat race the world wants them in or the Race to Righteousness that God wants them on? Think about the finish line you're pointing them to. Is it a worldly cup they're striving for or a Godly cup? Think about it.

I've used the movie Cars so much as an example that finally one of them said, "I didn't know Cars was a Christian movie!" I said, "Well it can be in some applications" He said, "huh?" I moved on.

Your kids, ALL of them have been the best behaved, lively, and fun bunch I know. I'd bring em back next week. Oh wait, not on the holiday... NO I WAS KIDDING. The week after. OH Next year for sure.

Some of our kids came forward for prayer and re dedication and stuff. Kids need your prayers every day. I miss my boy. Mel's being really brave about Jake not being here. Keep praying for her.

Tomorrow is our last FULL day at camp. Hard to believe it's half over.... *sigh*

We're sleepy....

The kids crashed last night... ok the adults and the kids crashed last night. 6:15 came WAY to quickly. The boys are getting themselves ready. I hear them yelling about cold water because they haven't let the shower heat up. Oh, I hope I didn't use all the hot water... heheheheh. (I didn't)

God moved the hearts of kids last night. Many from the groups attending went forward to talk about their relationship with Christ. I can see Him working on our kids as well. They're learning about the Romani people of Europe. They are commonly known as Gypsies. This people group is 3 million strong and they have no nation or permanent home. The kids are being challenged to give to support missionaries that reach out to them. They learned about a missionary to the Romani. He was an executive VP at Nike who accepted the call from God to missions. Wow, talk about outside your comfort zone!

Parents, are you pushing your kids outside the comfort zone? (camp is way out sometimes) Are you challenging them to be on mission at their school? Do they go to school to hang with their friends only, or are they reaching out to others? You guys are their example. How well you get along with folks that aren't your "friends" determines much of how they will. Just a thought.

Today is "Pit Stop Alley" as we talk to the kids about worship, discipleship, and refuel time with God. I'm ready for some refuel.... and strong coffee.

I am a nerd... proud of it. (remember you can put comments to blog posts to share encouragement) look down at the bottom of each post.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This is Ted. The kids (of all ages!) are having so much fun. I had forgotten how much fun this was for the kids. I had also forgotten how tired everyone was by the end of the day. I don't know about the girls but the boys took about 1.5 hours less before all rooms were silent (compared to yesterday). It's 11:30 now and I haven't heard anything for quite some time. The photos are uploaded so you can view. It's much more difficult this year to photograph everyone because there are so many more kids. But I do have a few more days of "Track Time". My goal is to get some photos of every kid in at least one of their two tracks. ...this is a big campus to cover--especially in the heat of the day (1:00-3:00PM) and a heavy camera. ...but I do have a list and I'm checking off names as I go along.

Here are a few quotes from the kids from today. I typically don't say which kid said it but I have to for this one because character is so important... I was sitting with Daniel Clark today at lunch and he was talking about different foods he likes/dislikes. He tears a piece of his grilled cheese apart, and takes in a bite, chews, pauses... "....I think my mom's grilled cheeses are better." ...but the way he said it was as though he was trying to get his point across but at the same time not criticize whoever had made that sandwich for him. Classic! So Bonnie--Your grilled cheeses are the best.

Anna Winstead has a quote but it's just too long to put in the blog. Apparently, there is a method of determining the origins of peas because, "these are obviously the generic brand." ...and then she went continued to explain to everybody how one tells the difference...

Chris Giddens confessed to the kids today that he, "was a nerd." Nah!!! Really?!

...more tomorrow! G'Night y'all!

We're sweating....

Ok, so the dry summer has turned humid on us. I thank God for that. Last night after the kids went to bed it rained a good rain here at camp. It's been cooler today, yes and humid. But, it feels like Georgia. I still don't understand that "dry heat" stuff... hot is hot.

Kids are having much fun. We have 2 in Archery. One in wiffle ball. I want to play wiffle ball. Tommy arrived today and helped me fix my forgetfulness. The kids are getting ready to get our group picture. We'll be all sweaty and looking fine for it.

We rocked out some fine breakfast and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for Melanie. (she wanted to hide) It's because most of the folks at breakfast sang with us... some looked at us funny. We're well known now at camp as the "peanut butter jelly time pleasant valley church folks." It's good to have a rep.

The kids are hearing the gospel presented all day. Pray many truly turn to Christ or rededicate themselves to day. Would you be a brave enough parent to pray "Dear God, if it's your will call my child into full time service" or "Dear God, if it's your will, help my kid sense your call to be a missionary"? Are you that brave?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Kids are so cool....

They're asleep now... at least that's what they just told me. It's been a great day.

Some had Starbucks Frappachinos. One had 2, but she's a girl and not my problem.

Hey there's a girl here from my home town. I've embarrassed her already. "WOOO WARRENTON!!!"

2 kids played in the championships of rock paper sissors... one lost, one one. Scissors is the best choice.

Ok, real stories tomorrow... a door creaked and someone is probably coming in to tell me someone is keeping them awake... or something is.

Night night.


This is Ted. Chris wanted me to make that disclaimer.

Here is a link to view the photographs (copy it to your address bar):

Time permitting, I will update photographs each day so be sure to check back! The kids are having so much fun already. The ones who have been here before are happy to be back and involved in the activities. The first-timers are overwhelmed with all the "new" stuff.

Here are a few quotes from the kids that I've overheard:

"We're either going somewhere, studying God, or having a party."
--One of the kids talking to a parent on the phone

"God can see everything because he's up in the front."
--In group discussion talking about how God is ultimately in "pole position"

"Our rooms even have a sink!"
--First time in a college dorm room


We have arrived. It's been an interesting day. Everything has worked on time. Sorry for the bit of scramble this morning, but all our stuff has arrived and done so on time. Romans 8:28 days are a fun ride. More details later, but everything has gone GREAT. All the kids are unpacking and getting ready for the rest of the day. They have a LONG HAUL for the rest of the evening.

We're going to supper at 5:00 and non stop until almost 10. It's action packed and God filled. He's been teaching us all day today... sometimes we don't realize it, but He is.

The kids have been spectacular. A couple of times we've had to say "guys and girls be patient" and BAM they're awesome. Actually they're always awesome, just extra. Thanks for letting them experience this camp with us.

More this evening.

Say thanks to Jody Mincey for making the luggage happen!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

T-Minus a few hours and counting

You guys are probably logging in to check to see "if this new fangled thing works"... HA it does. Be praying for us as we travel to Centrikid 2007. Be praying for our mission team in the Ukraine while they travel!

Melanie and I visited Lee Ann Smith last night at Scottish Rite. Be praying for that family and all the sadness they are enduring. Pray for them to have strong hearts. Lee Ann has much to recuperate from and she'll need our support.

So, on we go to Toccoa Falls! IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

The normal trip jitters...

Getting all plans finalized for traveling to camp when news of Thursday's bad accidents come into the office. Our prayers go out to the family. We lift up the Smith family for their loss and recovery.

We'll be traveling to Toccoa Falls in 4 vans. Kids in 3, luggage in 1. We're not going on interstates for safety (and nerves). Just be praying as we travel highway 20, 369, and up to Toccoa on 365. Take plenty of time praying for Jody, Tater, Ted, and me as we drive. It'll be a longer journey by not going the interstate, but a bit safer.

I'm looking forward to a great week. God's got great stuff to do in the lives of your kids. We'll be updating constantly (as we find a place to connect to the internet). You can e-mail me at and my cell is 706 506 1652. Remember, sometimes cell reception can be spotty.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Welcome to PVS KIDS BLOG

Here's a blog for the Children's Ministry of PVSBC. We'll be updating info on camp here as the week goes on. The previous year of camp is at BUT it won't let log in... or I forgot the password (most likely the case) and so I started another. Please feel free to comment and post stuff here. We'll keep updating all through the year some of the happenings at PVSBC Kids Ministry.