Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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I laugh and laugh at this picture... Mainly because it's silly, funny, a little sarcastic, and it references something I loved as a kid. It also reminds me of a biblical truth.. as much as you try to fake it on the outside, it's the inside truth that matters.

There's no way any amount of paint, numbers or "dixie horns" you can put in that car... you'll always get caught by Roscoe. There's no way enough Christian t-shirts, Jesus fish, and Christian catch phrases we learn... it makes us no different.

Jesus went so far as to compare people looking for external righteousness to white washed tombs. (Mt. 23:27) You can paint up and look pretty in the sun, but inside there's rot. The cure? True transformation, inside. (Romans 12:2)

I'm not sure you can shoehorn a 440 V8 in a SmartCar like that., but nothing is impossible with God. Just think. He's put His Spirit in you if you're a believer, and with that power and the truth of the Word working... VROOM!