Monday, June 22, 2009


We're here. According to my history books, after he arrived at the New World, Cortez' the explorer burned his ships to motivate his men. There was no way home... While I don't feel like I need the motivation to stay, it's odd to have the bus drop us off... and leave.

We're here. According to my schedule, dinner will be at 5:20... after 10 minutes of power sweat walking. Hows THAT for motivation. But we're all here and safe. I had to end a snack selling ring in he hall... Slim Jims were pricing close to $0.50 and Little Debbies were beyond expensive. Motivation to share will be instilled.

Dunno what the girls are doing... probably something involving spritzing or poofing. Girls do that kinda stuff. Us guys are gonna set a goal to not STINK the rest of the day. The Bus was a different story.

Maybe it's good it left.


Tommy Grant said...

Glad you made it and wish i was there this year. I know you will have a GREAT time and God bless you all.