Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day Two halfway done

I have to say, I visited track time NAP today. I hadn't planned on attending it so early, but I had a night visit from one camper a little upset at 2:30 am. He's fine and called his mom this morning to tell her so. Not 5 minutes after he left, I attempted to sleep again when I felt the TAP of something falling on me. SPIDER. He met Jesus soon after. It was me or him and God's not done with me yet. Needless to say, my fine adult helpers afforded me NAP from 2 - 3:30.

The kids are doing great. Their challenge last night "allow God to make you a tad bit uncomfortable, allow yourself a little journey out of your comfy spot, and see God do amazing things." Jesus could do it. He stepped out of glory into diapers on a journey to a cross. We can follow his example. Step out, follow directions, see God do awesome stuff.

Mom and Dad, some of YOU are out of your comfort zone with kids at camp. Are you looking forward to God doing awesome stuff?
Quiet time Awesome


Lizzy said...

sounds like yall are having too much fun, thats not fair. Why did i have to grow up >:(

Ted said...

Great to see/hear about the updates. I SOOOO wish I was there! Kill me an orange!!

Chris <>< said...

Orange puppet theater so far:
Maybe... Star Wars (Lucas update)